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#Weekly Game Jam 89

You play as Private Pyro, lighting up buildings and stealing goods, traveling further into the depths of bustling cities. The goal of the game is to take as much money as possible, in all four cities of the game, Dawn, Drift, Drag, and Dusk.  Several types of guards will come after you, all ready to stop you in their tracks, though their methods often diverge. You are the king of the skies, gliding over all of the citizens, in only a single direction. Dodge buildings, or burn and loot them.


Use the W and S keys to adjust your vertical velocity.

For horizontal movement, use the A and D keys.

Aim with the mouse, and with the left click, set everything on fire.


4 zones, 3 enemy types


Music by SEGA


PyroPlunder.zip 54 MB


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Whoops i should definitely remove the music. I should seperate the systems, and lower the difficulty a bit.

Yeah! A little bit more of a curve would be great. Wouldn't mind this level of challenge a bit later in the game, though. :)

Great job! Good job on the game page and graphics.


I like the idea, but the pace is a bit too chaotic and some things can become frustrating:

- some obstacles are way too big and come at you quickly, there's a very tiny chance of doing anything about it

- those enemies that attack you also deplete your ammo, rendering you unable to shoot

- the player bounces off the sides of the screen, which tends to be uncontrollable

Otherwise, I like it, especially the artwork. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for the tips


That was great!