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This is a top down shooter full of randomly generated levels, filled with enemies. Your job is to eliminate a certain amount of them, within a certain time period. 

Collect health packs, time packs, and manage your sprint energy.

You are lost in space, and cannot find their way back home since you crashed into an alien space ship. This crash destroyed your ship, so you must clear all of the levels to find a way back home.


You use WASD to move, shift to sprint and aim with the mouse. You can enter and exit full screen with escape. Left click or right click to shoot.


For images, Photoscape X. The art was made with GameMaker Studio 2, as well as the rest of the game. Additional sound effects and most music is from ZapSplat.

This was made in 38 hours.


starfire_cyberfire_v0.5.zip 26 MB


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Excellent. Ambient music and step sounds make it more enjoyable. 

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Nice game! (But on the top, doors open to invisible wall)

Decade Jam Discord: https://discord.gg/4JtQGC4