A downloadable game for Windows

Current Features:

- 1 playable character

- Sonic The Hedgehog

- 3 Levels

- Tropical Track

- Fleeting Fortress

- Glowy Jungle

- Tropical Track Boss

- Homing Attack

- Ability to use Spindash

- Power-ups

- Grinding

- Slope Physics

- 360 degree Physics

- Ranking System


- Arrow Keys to move

- X to jump

- Z is action button

Press Z while in air to Homing Attack

Hold Z while pressing down to charge a Spindash

- Press enter to pause the game

Development for now has ceased. I consider it finished, and it probably will not receive any updates.


SonicFreedomForces_1.0.zip 668 MB

Development log


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Can this game run on windows XP?

please add shadow, he has a modern sonic style and he has a homing attack too! he will be perfect for this game!

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Estou fazendo o download, faltam 2 minutos, tomara que seja bom

hey make this for low pc graphic plz



I have a question will there be more characters in development

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So far none more have been developed, but it may be an idea for the future. I'm planning on not adding much from what the game is so far, so if you had to suggest any character, what would it be? =)

Check this out for some updates!

This game, I have been working on since January 15 2019.

hm...how i can start? The game is pretty good, its effects and Etc, are very good, its gameplay is very good too, and Homing Attack helps a lot, and its Boss is also very good, but what impressed me the most was its effects, were very good indeed, I can not wait to play the next versions of this game! ^^

Thank you for the feedback.

Welcome to the comments! Please post information on how this game could improve.